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Workshops for coaches

Cup of Hope is about developing young talent but also giving the coaches the knowledge about , how to develop young kids. Many coaches do not have the knowledge about training young kids, and how to develop them. 

One of the benefits of Cup of Hope is that we are, going to give every coach, which is part of Cup of Hope a workshop about how to train and develop young talented players. This is very important workshop for our development program in Cup of Hope. 

"We focus on the youth, because they are the future of the tomorrow, and because they have unlimited potential" 

Sulanji Mwabala Naumann, Founder of Cup of Hope


How it works

We have more than 15 teams in each tournament with the age group U8 - U10 - U12 - U15 - U17. They will compete for the title.  


We invite scouts from pro. clubs in Zambia and FAZ, which is the Football Association of Zambia, who looks for new talents to play for the youth national team of Zambia.   


We want to give everybody a chance to showcase their talent even if they play for a pro. club or for an amateur team.  


Before each tournament start, we gather all the participant for the tournament and teaching them about health. It's important for us to give the youth the resources to build a better life for themselves.  


At the end of the tournament, there will be a winner in each age group. 1,2,3 place will get medals and balls.    

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